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With today’s increasingly technologically-based communities, there comes a need for the reinforcement of the power of play and of writing in educating our aspiring leaders as they establish a steady foundation. We aim to address education through what are now unconventional methods with a focus on thought-provoking, organized writing and constructive outdoor engagement with fellow peers.

Featuring: Jonathan Gay, Executive Director at Playworks Massachusetts | Jessie Gersen, Deputy Director at WriteBoston | Wokie Weah, President and CEO at Youthprise


In realizing the potential that finance has to advance the efforts of social innovation, organizations are honing their resources and their attention to make managing our finances easier. Both individuals and organizations in the market can better utilize their resources as technology assists in its navigation and effective allocation.

Featuring:  Joe Kahn, Partner at Dorm Room Fund | Professor Tiziana Dearing, Professor of Macro Practice and Co-Director of the Center for Social Innovation at Boston College | Atul Varma, Head of Business Strategy for BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Sustainable food for thought... and for our community

In a time when communal collaboration is essential, combining sustainable foods and a desire to serve our community has become a natural focus for the social innovators of today. Through market-based, self-sustaining, and health-focused methods, healthy and sustainable foods are becoming more accessible as the traditional grocery store model is mobilized and reinvented to bring the food affordably to you

Featuring: Max Reik, Co-Founder at Boston Foods | Josh Trautwein, Co-Founder at Fresh Truck 


By taking advantage of the tools that technology and government have provided us, several organizations are discovering ways to integrate the two in our communities and create smarter cities with smarter methods of transportation.

Featuring: Jackie Lender, Harvard Presidential City of Boston Fellow | Tom Maguire, General Manager of New England Operations at Uber 




Entertainment: Innovative storytelling

Empowering youth to engage with storytelling by using modern technology and by interacting with music to incite change in their communities has become an integral part of our social interaction today. Both have impacted the way that we perceive fiction and music, as readily accessible and simultaneously exciting. By utilizing the radio to empower and by approaching fiction with a modern lens, social innovation has made its way into the entertainment field.

Featuring: Professor Elizabeth Allison, Music Education Professor at Berklee College of Music | Esha Gupta, Co-Founder and Director of Content at Hooked | Rene Dongo, Radio Program Coordinator and Brittany Thomas, Radio Station Manager at Zumix

CIVIC engagement: we pledge allegiance

In a time in our history that has featured various perspectives on the future of our nation, we are witnessing the importance in participating in civic engagement to elevate the voices of our people and to serve them better. We are coming together to empower each other through new ways to address the areas of improvement in our community head on.

Featuring: Matt Segneri, Social Enterprise Initiative Director at Harvard Business School | Matt Jose, Director of Programs and Development at Project Citizenship

human empowerment: We're "only" human

Now more than ever it is essential that we view each other as human and empower one another as we navigate life together. Whether it be to provide people with the means to break the cycle of incarceration or of homelessness, social innovation today highlights ways we can help those in our community integrate themselves with ease and strength.

Featuring: Sam Greenberg, Co-Founder of Y2Y Harvard Square | Shannon McAuliffe, Director at Roca | Anita Saville, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Budget Buddies

technology: Creation in a tech nation

As a consistent presence in our lives, technology is being harnessed to address the changing needs of our community by providing a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and for those who want to break societal norms in unconventional fields. In a world more interconnected than ever through the Internet, people now have the means to pursue their dreams.

Featuring: Jeff Stern, Director of Product Innovation at Girls Who Code | John Vaskis, Head of Hardware, Technology & Design Sales at Indiegogo | Mal Cullen, CEO at Eagle Investment Systems, a BNY Mellon Company | Juan A. Hindo, Program Manager at IBM's World Community Grid