8:30 Registration

9:10 Opening Remarks

9:15 Village to Raise a Child

10:00 IGNITE Talk I 

10:35 Panel Session I

11:40 Lunch/Innovation Showcase

Keynote Book Signing

1:00 IGNITE Talk II

1:35 Panel Session II 

2:45 Panel Session III

3:45 Closing Remarks


Panel Topics


Student Social Entrepreneurs

The dreamers and now the do-ers: student entrepreneurs and activists are changing the face of our society. From dorm rooms to high schools to everywhere in between, students are the ones driving nationwide movements and coming up with brilliant technologies. Hear from a panel of student entrepreneurs about what motivates them, the trials they faced, and how they see their company or movement moving forward. Whether you're a peer, friend, or stranger, come hear these inspirational stories. 

Featuring: Hasani Hayden, Chris Kuang, Kennedy Mukuna

Redefining Success

What does it mean for a socially conscious company, or a social movement to "succeed"? Even more broadly, what does it mean for individuals to be successful members of society? Hear from panelists who are redefining success and finding ways to incorporate individual ethics, values, and missions into traditional models of success. 

Featuring: Erin Halper, Natalya Sverjensky, James Rasza 

Social Integration: Improving Access for Marginalized Communities  

Social innovation should always be need-driven, and in order to do so we must access ourselves: whose needs are we addressing? Whose needs are we prioritizing? In this panel, listen to speakers talk about how to ensure that the voices and needs of marginalized communities are being heard and met. 

Featuring: Ivelyse Andino, Cynthia Hellen, Alejandra Guillen


Arts & Social Innovation

The idea that innovation and entrepreneurship have to be rooted in solely technology is a false one, as these panelists delve into how to incorporate arts into solving societal issues. Hear about the intersection of arts and activism, of arts and business, and leave inspired. 

Featuring: Moisès Fernández Via, Claudia de Picante, Vanessa Gill, Alissa Lentz

Social Enterprise & BlockCHain Technology

Blockchain technology, without a doubt, is revolutionizing how businesses and entrepreneurs complete transactions. How do we harness this new technology into ways that streamline companies to better serve their company values and missions? 

Featuring: Layla Tabatabaie, Monica Murthy, Christiana Zoupa

Impact Investing & Finance

How can we funnel wealth to face societal issues? Come listen to the role that impact investing can play in shaping businesses and movements. Impact investing, a relatively new idea, has experienced explosive growth and power over the past decade, and learning about how to best utilize it to achieve maximum societal and environmental returns is an important question for the future. 

Featuring: Haley Hoffman Smith, Tala Al Jabri, Lucas Turner-Owens



Urban Design & Sustainability

How we live, where we live, our society: these are all dictated by urban design. As the global population explodes and as our resources become increasingly scarce, questions of urban design and sustainability become ever more pressing. 

Featuring: Newsha Ghaeli, Padmanaban Gopalan, Noelle Marcus

Social Innovation & Government

Featuring local community members and activists, this panel delves into the role that government plays in addressing societal issues and aiding a new generation of social entrepreneurs. In an age where American citizens are increasingly unsure of their government, it is important to consider these tensions in the relationship between public and private. 

Featuring: Chante Harris, Voatz, Harlan Weber, Alicia Rouault

Gender Based Violence & the #MEtoo Movement

The #MeToo movement was a powerful example of how social media enabled activism, and how to unite individuals to confront an all too prevalent issue. This panel will examine how activism and social media fit into social innovation. 

Featuring: Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls, Ashri Anurudran, MaryRose Mazzola